Tadelakt is an ancient Moroccan technique (in the Marrakech region) for wall, floors, furniture and basins. Its vibrant, profound and compact look conquers whoever comes in contact with it. It comes in every color, but it is possible to appreciate more its qualities with the more saturate ones.

After cooking in open-air ovens, calcium carbonate stones went through a chemical transformation, loosing carbon dioxide and becoming “calcium oxide”. Later on they get treated with water, empirically but with the “artisan knowhow”. This way it is obtained a calcium idroxide o “aerial lime”, that also has an hydraulic hold that to the presence of a small amount of clay in the rocks. After a rough drying, the material is ready to be used. Only Marrakech lime can produce tadelakt.

Marrakech lime is applied in a single thick layer of 4/7mm. After a first smoothening it with a wooden trowel, repeat with a triangular non-inox trowel. At this point of the process, press with smoothed quartz stones or agate stones; this phase is very important because it allows to close all the small holes on the surface and, at the same time, it “compacts” the layer of lime in order to prevent cracks when the material dries. The process with the stones is also what gives the final profound look.
The day after spread diluted black soap on the surface, making it soak with the stones’ help. Once carbonated (15/20 days later, depending on the drying times) wax it bee wax diluted in citron solvent.