Lime: metamorphosis of the matter.
History, characteristics, applications, techniques and evolution of the humblest and healthiest of all materials






Extract from the introduction to the book

I hope this book can be a solid help for Craftsmen and, why not, for Professionals of the field; and, to hell with it!, also for Professors. The theory section has been edited by Miranda D’Addetta, who is not only my dear wife, but also xe una che ga studià (she is an educated person), as I always tell her. On the contrary, the practical section is my business and I divided it into two branches: traditional workmanship and tradition in contemporary work, with some personal digressions that might be appreciated or not. I actually hope so, otherwise this book is going to turn up as a colossal bummer or a Junior Woodchucks Guidebook.
At last we will not feel inferior to cooks anymore, who can spend ages in front of a Gambero Rosso issue. We too can now “robar co l’ocio!!!” (steal with the eyes). A big hug to everybody, keep up with the good work.

Franco Saladino

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