Franco Saladino borns in Cagliar in in the year 1950.
He studies to become surveyor, but soon enough he gets fascinated by the workforce of craftsmanship and decoration, with the respect of Venetian tradition. At the age of 25 he starts his in-depth analysis of the wide world of the research and study of the materials, from stucco spatolato, beloved by Carlo Scarpa architect in Venice. Franco Saladino orients his interest towards natural and organic materials, eventually arriving to one of the oldest: the lime. He perfects a plaster line lime based for Sikkens called “Chalix”. Meanwhile he collaborates with various architects: from Studio D’Avanzo-Musini, Toni Follini, Tobia Scarpa, N. Forster, to Studio Terragni in Milan. But the keystone of Franco Saladino’s experience is the traditional Italian craft conservation and appreciation. For Saladino the transmission of Artisan Knowledge is a fundamental passage to not lose the knowedge of Venetian artisanship, basis of the knowledge and cultural sensibility that made big Italian art history.

In 1991 he becomes Master with his first professional courses for Artisans in Umbria (Assisi) and then in Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli and, at last, in Veneto in his studio, Domus Aurea. He keeps a relationship of tutoring and laboratory with L’École des Métiers in Paris. He collaborates as technic consultant for sampling and coloring of important building sites: from Milano’s Scala Theatre, to Biffi Scala Restaurant in Palazzo Grassi, Venice. From Globe de Lux Restaurant in Milan to Max Mara buildings in Bologna, Florence and Turin. Moreove, he arranged the finishing material for Coin de Lux Store in Milan, his mural decorations can be found in Benetton Colors in Paris, Hermés head Store in Paris, Bucellati London, Sainsbury head offices in Holborn Cirlcus London, Business Center in Theobald rd, Borsalino London and, lastly, Farm ltd London business district. He has also been an advisor for the finishing of Villa Giuly in Treviso for Sgroi ach. studio, Cesena.

Today Franco Saladino follows important building sites in Geneva, Hamburg, Munich. He arranges sampling and materials for Dankers Decor, decorator for Belgium and Holland’s Royal Houses.
He has commercial relationship with United Stated -Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Palm Springs, N.York. He follows a masterclass at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, South Carolina.

He’s master decorator and techinic consultant for STROYINVEST – X DECO (Russia) and he undertook projects in India such as restructuration and renovation of New Friends Colony: Made in Italy products showroom.

The evolution of Franco Saladino’s work and experience becomes today work of art, in which years of research bear fruit and free expression in Saladino Galleri exhibition.