It is based on painting with natural colors (earth powders or oxides) on an thin layer of lime plaster, white concrete and marble dust. All materials are organic, the decorative technique is executed with absolute environmental awareness and meticulous waste recycling. The base is given by a panel of expanded polyurethane that, during time, has been replaced with layered wood. The technique can be considered a Contemporary Fresco, adapted to the new chromatic techniques knowledge.

The process is laborious and it takes lots of time because of the drying requested among passages. The chromatic effects derive from the reaction between earth pigments and specific solutions.

The final result is a perfectly smooth piece. The characteristic of this technique is the special treatment of the colors that, once completely absorbed, gives a visual effect of chromatic depth. Such passage bestows an amazing diversity of colors, lights and abstract representations to the panels.

Below is a selection of the realizations. See the complete works: