Our production is conceived and set up on the quality of products and Artisan’s skills. 
We want to be the linking point between Italian’s ancient marmorino tradition (that goes back up to the Roman era) and the new concept of architectonic design, which had different times and means.
Current constructive necessities rarely allow the usage of the real traditional marmorino that, let’s remind it, is not a plaster finish, but the plaster itself, in fact it was applied not by painters – decorators but by construction; it required a precise preparation sequence of the base coat. Modern supports are changed, they’re not bricks – lime – sand (traditional marmorino doesn’t bear concrete) anymore, but wood – plasterboard – plaster mixed with concrete – old paintings that make the traditional formula of marmorino inapplicable.
Therefore you give up or you research, as we did.

Here comes DOMUS AUREA®, the revolutionary lime paste that has the same exact look of traditional marmorino, but anchor itself to every surface.
The interest of restorers is mostly directed towards CLASSICO (marmorino paste), perfect material to integrate all the empty spaces, where frescos disappeared over the time, approved by more than one Fine Arts Supervision Commissions.
Firthermore we run on demand short workshop for professional Artisan’s onlly to explain the use of our Materials and all different applications: the more remarkable is the planning commitment, the more it deserves and adequate artisan attention and materials of the finest quality.